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Claudio Garuti

Claudio Garuti has a Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Chile, Santiago-Chile, and did postgraduate study at the University of Rome, La Sapienza, Italy.


He has spent 23 years as a consultant applying multicriteria decision making methodologies, particularly the AHP/ANP method, in private and publics projects in his home country of Chile. He also lectures and gives classes in various decision making fields in different universities around the world, and offers seminars and workshops in public offices and institutions.

His publications have appeared in the proceedings of National and International Congresses and Journal reviews. He is the co-author with Dr. Mauricio Escudey of "Toma de Decisiones en Escenarios Complejos" Editorial Universidad de Santiago (2005), and author of the article "A Study on the Compatibility between Decision Vectors" presented at the CLAIO XV congress, June/2010, and is the co-author of "A Systemic rebuttal to the Criticism of Using The eigenvector for Priority Assessment in decision Making" with Dr. Valerio Salomon and Isabel Spencer that appeared in a special issue of Computacion y Sistemas on Multicriteria Decision Support Systems, December/2008. He has also authored many other applications and papers for journals and congresses around the world.

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