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Fabio DeFelice

Fabio De Felice, Professor at the University of Cassino and Southern Lazio, board member of several international organizations and responsible for scientific research and training in industrial plants. 


Holder of the course planning and management of industrial plants.
The scientific activity developed through studies and researches on problems concerning industrial plant engineering. Such activity ranges over all fields from improvement of quality in productive processes to the simulation of industrial plants, from support multicriteria techniques to decisions (Analytic Hierarchy Process, Analytic Network Process), to RAMS Analysis and Human Reliability Analysis.


The main courses, both curricular and specialistic for territorial businesses in which he is involved are: Safety of Industrial Plants, Industrial Production Management, Industrial Simulation, Human Reliability Analysis. General Secretary of the Analytic Hierarchy Process – AHP Academy - International Association for the promotion of multi-criteria decision making methods.

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