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Majid Azizi

Associate professor in  Management of Wood and Paper Industries

Department of Wood & Paper Sciences and Technology
Faculty of Natural Resources
College of Agriculture & Natural Resources,
University of Tehran, Karaj, Iran.



Academic Appointments

  • University of Pittsburgh, United States of America, 2013 6 months Katz Graduate School of Business
  • Training of Analytic Network Process, Katz Graduate School of Business, University of Pittsburgh, United States of America, Scholarship from Ministry of Higher Education (2001). 2001 University of Pittsburgh, United States of America


Ph.D: Wood & Paper Sciences and Industries 1996-2002, U.of Tehran (Thesis: Evaluation of Plywood and Veneer industry Location and development in Iran)
M.Sc: Wood and Paper Sciences and Industries 1991- 1993, U.of Tehran (Thesis: A study of Plywood and Veneer marketing and determination of substitution rate for plywood by Particleboard, Fiberboard and Aluminum in construction )
B.Sc: Wood Science&Industry 1987-1990, U. of Tehran (Thesis:. A study of Economic, Technical and Financial for Rasht Wood Indusrty project ) 

Areas of Specialization and Research Interests

  • Forecasting in Management
  • Location Selection of Wood and Paper Industries
  • Determination of Effective Criteria for Location Selection
  • Integer Programming Method
  • Decision Making in Management
  • Technique for Order – Preference by Similarity to Ideal Solution Method (TOPSIS)
  • Analytic Hierarchy Process Method (AHP)
  • Analytic Network Process Method (ANP)

Current Teaching

  • Industrial management and programming B. Sc.   Industrial Management and programming  
  • Accounting B. Sc.      
  • Marketing of wood products B. Sc.      
  • Rules of commission for production units B. Sc.      
  • Management and accounting of wood industry M. Sc.      
  • Production economy of wood industry M. Sc.      



  • Azizi M., Naghdi R. "Creative thinking, Problem solving and Decision making". A book translation, English to Farsi, 2007, University of Tehran publication, Tehran, Iran
  • Bayat A., Rafighi A., Azizi M., Faezipour M. " Wood & paper products market and marketing". 2010, Jahad daneshgahi publication, Tehran 

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