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Mujgan Sagir





    Eskisehir Osmangazi University

    Industrial Engineering Department

    26030, Eskisehir, Turkey


    Phone: +90 222 2393750


Dr. Sağır Özdemir holds her bachelors (ranked second in graduating) and master degrees from the Anadolu University and the doctoral degree from Eskisehir Osmangazi University, on Industrial Engineering and Operations Research. Her research interest lies in timetabling problems (course scheduling), three dimensional cutting (pallet loading) and assortment problems, vehicle routing, crew scheduling, rostering etc.), and quantitative and qualitative decision making.  She got a National Productivity Center Scholarship for her M.Sc. Degree.


Her articles have appeared in journals such as European Journal of Operations Research, Applied Mathematics and Computation, Mathematical and Computer Modeling, and the International Journal of Information Technology and Decision Making. She teaches courses on linear and nonlinear optimization, multi-objective decision making, creativity and mathematical programming.


She has written a book (Encyclicon: Decision Making with Dependence and Feedback on the ANP –with T.L. Saaty) and also book chapters as:  Capitulo 5: Prioridades Negativas in Toma de Decisiones En Escenarios Complejos Garuti, C., Escudey, M., -with T.L.Saaty;  Multicriteria Decision Making in Complex Environment: Analytic Hierarchy Process and Analytic Network Process, Enterprise & Business Management: A Handbook for Educator, Consulters and Practitioners, V.2009-2010, (ed.A.Erkollar), ISBN 978-3-8288-2306-8; Six chapters as Linear Programming, Mathematical Modelling, Nonlinear Programming, Sensitivity Analysis, Branch and Bound Algorithm, Analytic Hierarchy Process in Operations Research I an Operations Research II books, Anadolu University, Open Education Faculty, Logistics Department, (Seven chapters in Operations Research I and II Courses, Linear and Nonlinear Programming Books), 2012, under press (Chapters: Introduction chapters in two books, Mathematical modeling, Simpleks Algorithm, Sensitivity analysis, Branch and Bound Algorithm, Analytic Hierarchy Process). Her recent publications are: “Global awareness, future city design and decision making (J Syst Sci Syst Eng (Sep 2012) 21(3): 337-355, with T. L. Saaty), “Exam scheduling: Mathematical modeling and parameter estimation with the Anaytic Network Process approach” (Mathematical and Computer Modeling, Vol: 52, pp. 930-941,(2010) with Z. K. Ozturk), “An Automated Multiobjective Invigilator-Exam Assignment System” (International Journal of Information Technology and Decision Making, Vol.:9, N: 2, pp.223-238 (2010) with Z. K. Ozturk, G. Ozturk), “ An Essay on Rank Preservation and Reversal (Mathematical and Computer Modelling, 49 (2009), pp. 1230-1243 with T.L.Saaty).


She has been nominated for the Best Young Academician Award of TurkishScientific Research Institution (2006). With her project titled as “An Analytic Network Process Approach on Analyzing the Relation Between European Union and Turkey”, she also was given the Second Best Project among 68 projects (with E.P.Alikalfa) on the TUNAECS Competition.

Dr. Sağır is the Director and one of the eleven members of the Scientific Research Committee of Eskisehir Osmangazi University, and has been Vice Dean of the Engineering and Architecture Faculty of the same university from 2009 till 2012. She is in the Editorial Board of different journals as  International Journal of Strategic Decision Sciences (IJSDS), International Journal of Applied Decision Sciences (IJIDS) and the member of MCDM Society,  Operations Research Society and International Society of the Analytic Hierarchy Process.


Her hobbies are Classical Turkish Music, Latin dances, playing
volleyball, playing oude (an instrument is used to perform Turkish music) and supporting UNICEF as volunteer. 



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